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The Attika State // My First Tooth Split 12" (Eco Vinyl)

£10.00 / Sold Out

We're back - with a brand new release on sweet eco-vinyl, which means that every single record is unique, lovingly hand-pressed with left over vinyl from other projects meaning it's better for the environment, and looks more awesome on your turntable... And it's time for My First Tooth and The Attika State <3

Both, in their time, leading lights of their respective scenes – The Attika State burst out of Bristol dripping in melody, hammering pop riffs across the country, generating a stellar following with their personality driven music. My First Tooth (forged by Ross and Sophie in Northampton) gigged relentlessly gaining fans at press, radio and in sweaty clubs across the land... Sophie went on to join PINS, whilst Jo and Gareth from the band went on to join Lucky Shivers and Red Kite.

A balancing act between the grandiose and the understated, the combination EP is not only a wonderful blast from the past, but feels strangely contemporary. This is the unequivocal final hurrah from My First Tooth, providing a more fitting sign off for band who meant so much to many over the years, whilst lead-singer Warren is cagier about how things will progress for The Attika State… “We’ll play a few shows, see how it goes”.

What's for sure is you'll listen to this again and again <3